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IMG_0119 (640x480)With this week’s Nor’easter driving the east coast to a halt, it comes as no surprise for those of us enduring colder winters that as February nears, many of us are done with winter.  Had it up to here (or like those newscasters in New England, up to the kneecaps) with snow, gray skies, chapped lips and flyaway hair.  While a few gray hairs are easy to camouflage, try as we might to wish them away, gray skies are impossible to banish.


What can you do when the Caribbean isn’t an option?  Look to color to brighten your winter blahs. Here’s where we found color in winter:

1  – Keep your eyes open, and your color radar on.  You’ll begin to notice color everywhere.


2 – Spend time with colorful people.  You don’t want to listen to other people gripe about winter, surround yourself with people whose personalities will add color to your day.


3 – Eat colorful food.  Not only will it add a bit of optimism to your plate, but healthy foods are usually the ones that are the most colorful.


4 – Dress colorfully.  Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you have to wear black and gray, and black and gray.  Add a splash of color to your wardrobe.


At, where handbags are never boring, we are all about adding color to your every day life.   Do you live a colorful life?  Do you have tips to share on banishing winter blahs?  We welcome your comments.



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So, I’m driving my son to school, throwing out the latest gossip, news, human interest stories hoping a few of them interest this 13 year-old genius.  (No really, he is a genius.  Got that from his mother.)

“So, did you hear that Stephen Colbert is replacing David Letterman?”  I reach into my black croc-patent handbag and hand him a brush which he dutifully accepts and pulls through his long hair.

“I don’t know who that is,” he says, meaning Colbert who probably isn’t that fascinating to a 13 year old, as say…Call of Duty.

Target is closing all their Canadian stores.”

“Hmm.”  He puts the brush back into my handbag, and reaches in for a box of Tic-Tacs.

Julianne Moore was nominated for the Oscar for Best Actress.”

I’m not impressing him much.  I love Julianne Moore because she looks like a smart capable woman and I wish my hair was red like hers.  Also, I read Still Alice and loved the book.

“Do you have any stuff for my lips?” he asks, digging around through my animal print cosmetic pouch.    His lips are chapped from the cold winter.  It physically pains me to see him in any discomfort.

I drive with one hand, and pluck out a tube of Blistex, immediately targeting in on it’s distinctive shape while keeping my eyes on the road.

“I hope Julianne Moore wins,” I tell the air in the car, while my son seeks out the Kleenex box under his seat.  It’s crushed and empty.  On auto-mom-pilot, I reach into a side pocket of my handbag, which is unfortunately wedged between my seat and the cup holder thingy on the floor between the driver and passenger seat.  I make a mental note, to keep my bag off the floor.  It’s bad luck, not to mention bad for maintaining one of my most appreciated handbags.

“I’m hungry,” he tells me.

I pull a bottle of Kellogg’s breakfast drink from my purse.  A source of fibre, vitamins and protein.  He loves the strawberry flavor.

As we near the school, my hand reaches back into the bottomless back, pulls out signed permission slips, and a stick of gum.

I let him and his backpack (his own bag of inventory) off in front of the school with a mandatory kiss goodbye and feel like a pretty good mom.  I’m ready for anything.  My purse is like a personal assistant minus the attitude.  Got a headache, here’s an Advil.  Sore throat, grab a lozenge.  Hair ties, check book, grocery list, umpteen bank cards, credit cards, loyalty cards, identification cards, cash, coins, bronzer, lipstick,som etimes even a spare pair of stockings.  It’s all in the bag.

I pick it up off the floor and put it in the empty passenger seat.