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 You’ll Go Wild for These Animal Print Bags

Animal print fashion…we’ve been wearing it since the caveman days.  Think Fred and Wilma and their Saber Toothed Tiger outfits.  With the dawn of animal rights and our love for pets, the nice thing is that now our animal prints are no skin off anyone’s back.  We can look like mighty animals without violating any animal rights rules and at prices that will make you purr.

Animal print show no sign of leaving the runways anytime soon.  They’ve been seen on trend-setters all the way back to Katherine Hepburn and Bette Davis.  You can go never go wrong with the right animal print accessory.  Use them like neutrals like black and white. These five bags will take you to work, to dinner, or to a day of shopping, paired with a sexy black dress or your go-to jeans and you will always look like a fashion icon.





The Little Black Dress… Slimming, classic, and it’ll take you anywhere. Whether you want to go casual, go to work, or go to a special dinner, you know you can always rely on your little black dress.  Pair it with the right purse and your little black dress can go a long way to making the right fashion statement for you.



The great thing about a classic black dress is that it matches everything, the bolder the better.

The right handbag says a lot about the wearer. And wearing a black dress as the backdrop to your perfect purse, is equivalent to framing a work of art.  Your entire outfit will stand out.

For busy weekends full of errands, how about this stunning perforated reversible tote?  Two looks for one.


A touch of sparkle can play up any outfit, from your favorite jeans and t-shirt to your little black dress.  Wear it anyway you want.