Let’s Get That Purse Closet Sorted Out

Ahh…spring.  Time to crack open the windows and attack the dust bunnies. Empty out those cupboards.  Sort through your wardrobe.  Haul away your winter gear and dig out your lighter spring paraphernalia.

In your quest for a refreshing life makeover, don’t forget to organize some of your more important accessories – your handbags.Spring Cleaning Handbags

1 – Empty your handbags (tote bags, clutches, etc.)

You can start with the contents of  your handbags. Empty out your purses (ideally, they are all empty, except the one you are using right now). Bonus!  You are bound to find some spare change.  Aside from tissue or purse inserts that you use to maintain your purse’s shape, your purses should all be stored empty.

2 – Review your purse wardrobe

Does every purse in your collection still do it for you?  Is it just the right complement to that certain outfit?  Is it a statement maker that will jazz up an everyday pair of jeans?  Is it perfect for your travels or for work or for the weekend?  Do you love it?  Is the tag still hanging off of it?  Is it worn, permanently stained or shabby – not in a chic way?  Spring is a time to make decisions.  If you don’t love it, it’s time to toss it, give it away or donate it.  Time to make room for a handbag that you will love.

Our reversible hobo comes in a selection of colors with a bonus pouch.

Our reversible hobo comes in a selection of colors with a bonus pouch.

3 – Do any of your handbags require cleaning or repairs?

You’ve got everything out of the closet, you’ve streamlined your bag collection, no don’t just stick them back in the closet.  Now is the time to do a repair and cleaning inventory.  For those items that  you can safely clean, there is no better time.  Clean them accordingly and put them aside.  For those that need professional cleaning, need a new clasp, a new zipper, a strap repair – it’s time to stop procrastinating and get it done.

4 – Where should you store your handbags?

Consider your space.  Is it the best location for your various handbags, clutches, tote bags, hobos etc.?  Is there another space that is more roomy, more accessible, more ideal for your collection of accessories? If the space is good.  Great.  Wipe down shelves, remove any irrelevant items and prepare the stage for your prized handbags.

5 – What is the best way to store your handbags?

You may want to check out our previous post on How to Prolong the Lifespan of Your Handbag before putting everything back in your closet.  In brief, the shape of your purse should be protected with tissue paper or a purse insert, and special items should be placed in its original storage bag or a pillow case.   You may be tempted to hang your purse by its handle but I wouldn’t recommend hanging a purse for more than a couple of days. It is best to store them on a shelf with seasonal items more accessible. You can improvise using pot lid holders to divide clutches, or check out the ContainerStore.com for shelf organizers.

Now, about those shoes…








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