Of course when I give people my name they always ask me what it means, and they always spell it wrong.  A bambolina is a little doll and a prima bambolina is like a prima ballerina – a really good one – except I can’t dance.  So I shop instead.  And I’m really good at that.  And I believe the best gifts to give (even to myself) and to receive,  are things you can enjoy and things that are not BORING.  So instead of more STUFF which is oozing out of my closet space, why not buy things to put my stuff in?  So I shop for purses, handbags, tote bags, luggage, golf bags (you don’t even have to know how to play to have a really nice bag and it conveniently doubles as an umbrella stand), picnic baskets (to own one is to dream – the dream of good weather, ant-free food,  washrooms nearby and  chilled wine),  wine carriers (or use the bike pannier), diaper bags (you don’t even have to have a baby, my diaper bags are so chic I carry them everywhere), craft organizers, Laptop Bag on Wheels, briefcases .  There’s no end to it.

Life is too short for decisions.                                         Diaper Bag Clutch        Laptop Bag Wheels

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