What Ever Happened to the Customer is Always Right?

Happy CustomerWhen I get good customer service I am so surprised I tell everyone I know. It doesn’t have to be something big, it’s the thought that counts.  Some places have wonderful customer service policies and give that little extra. For example, the other day I was dead-set on buying a little pin-striped hand towel.  I looked online and off, and finally came across something suitable in a decor store that sold some really gorgeous high ticket items. They could have balked as I approached the cash with my 5$ hand towel and credit card in hand.  But no, they treated me as well as the customer behind me who was decorating a whole room.  Not only that, the towel was nicely folded, wrapped in tissue and handed to me in a quality gift bag that must have cost half of my total expenditure. They made me feel important and I knew I would be back.

Mitch Fuqua via Wikimedia Commons

Mitch Fuqua via Wikimedia Commons

Other retailers seem to be clueless about customer satisfaction.  The girl at the cash at the grocery store who is ignoring me as she rings up my items, in favor of a conversation with the bag boy.  (Even pausing from time to time when the conversation heats up.)  The appliance store who sold me a dryer that doesn’t fit in my laundry room and then told me their company policy is no refunds or exchanges. (Really!)  The return policy wasn’t noted anywhere.  The waitress that doesn’t ask if  I want anything because I am waiting for someone.

Carry-on bag

Khaki and Black Carry-On Bag $68 @PrimaBambolina.com

Or the lady in the travel agency in a nearby strip mall.  Her windows advertised a very pricey fabulous vacation I happened to be shopping for.  While I perused the heavyweight magazine that detailed my trip she never looked up from the client seated opposite her.  I read the magazine cover to cover (even planned which luggage I’d be toting) and waited.  Still she completely ignored me.  No, hello.  No, I’ll be with you in a moment.  Not even a smile to acknowledge I was there.   I knew I would not be back.

Is it just me, or does customer service seem to have gone by the wayside? Don’t these businesses need clients?  Are these the exceptions?  Shouldn’t I expect excellent customer care and not be so surprised when I get it?

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