About Us

Welcome to PrimaBambolina.com, where bags are never boring!   

PrimaBambolina has scoured the country for  gorgeous bags and accessories for women who love pretty things. So whatever your interests are, whether it is that just-right make up bag that keeps your cosmetics organized, and that makes you feel special whenever you hang it up (check out our great animal print bag, perfect for travelling) or if you want a laptop bag on wheels that stands out from any of your co-workers, or an organizer for all your craft supplies, we've got it.  But PrimaBambolina.com doesn't carry just ANY bag. Our bags are lively.  Our bags are fun.  Our bags aim to add a little zip-tiddy-doo-da (did I spell that right?) into every day of your life.  You can't help but smile when you carry a PrimaBambolina handbag, clutch (especially our ostrich feather clutch), evening bags, bridal purse (personalized bridal clutch if you like), ladies golf bags, diaper bags that look like designer handbags, recycled bike panniers, messenger bags, totes and much more!  Have a look around and let us know what you think.  

"Decisions, decisions...."  - Prima Bambolina-


Authorized retailer for Travelon Bags, Elegance by Charbonneau,

Picnic at Ascot and many more fine designers

and producers of gorgeous unique handbags and

accessories made especially for women.