10 Things To Do On Black Friday (Besides Shop)

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Don't Follow the Crowd, Here's What Else You Can Do to Celebrate Black Friday

Since a Prima Bambolina never waits for a sale, and never follows the crowd, while everyone else is trying to get the best Black Friday deal instead of twiddling our thumbs on Black Friday, we've come up with ten other things you can do to celebrate this shopping holiday.


1.  Don't Let Superstition Stop You

Black Friday Black Cat


2. It's supposed to be good for you so how about starting Black Friday with a nice cup of coffee?  


3. It's always the right occasion for your LBD.

Black Friday Black Dress


4. Just for today (WE KNOW IT'S A CLASSIC!)


4. Known as the Cabernet of berries.


5.  Eyeliner anyone?

Black Friday Black Eyeliner


6. Board games are fun!


7. Get out the popcorn.


8. There's a lot you can do with the lights off.

Black Friday Darkness


9. Start a new exercise regime.

Black Friday Black Belt


10. Black Friday is a great day to learn to play an instrument.

If all else fails, and you can't resist the urge to shop on Black Friday, remember this: Stay in the Black.

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