Get Rich Handbag Superstitions

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Find Money in Your Purse And Other Money Superstitions

Looking for a few extra dollars in time for the holiday season?  You may need to look no further than your handbag!  Who knew that your designer handbag, your animal print tote, or your boho bag had the power to pad your wallet?  Well, apparently it’s been common knowledge for centuries, even before a handbag was called a handbag.


A few of the most common superstitions about money:


  • An itchy palm means you will be coming into money.


Of course this may be psoriasis, but even Shakespeare knew there was a correlation between itchy palms and money. Apparently, if your left palm is itchy, it predicts that money will be going out (rub it on wood for good luck) however, when your right palm is itching you will soon be filling your purse.  (Don’t scratch!)



  • Never put your handbag on the floor or you will lose money or stay broke.


There may be a link here between respecting your handbag and respecting the contents of your wallet, or how being careless with your purse, may indicate that you are careless with your money.  So, this may be sound advice.


  • Your front and back door should never line up.


According to Feng Shui, if you can see your back door from your front door, money will quickly find its way out of your wallet and out your back door.  But, instead of moving, which may be impractical, find a way to block the view with some smartly placed plants, architectural feature or decorative item.


  • Never give an empty purse as a gift.


This is not to say, never give a person a handbag or wallet as a gift, (who wouldn’t love a new handbag or a stylish new wallet?)  However, when giving the gift of a purse or wallet, always put a few coins in it, never give it empty.  This will ensure more riches to the owner of the handbag or wallet.


  • Whoever gets the slice with the coin in it will prosper.


I prefer my food without the choking hazards, however some holiday traditions promise that the guest who gets the piece from the home made loaf that has the shiny coin in it will prosper.  Also, whoever gets the helping of Christmas pudding with the silver sixpence in it will be rich.  (More like his or her relatives will be rich…)


  • Something old, something new and a silver sixpence in her shoe.


As if those heels aren’t uncomfortable enough after a few hours of dancing, the old fashioned rhyme vows that a bride who tucks a silver sixpence (where do I get my hands on that blister ensuring currency?) into her shoe will be guaranteed a good life filled with fortune.



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