10 Tips to Maintain Your Purse

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The cost of a handbag  can range from 'great deal' to the price of a nice little vacation in the Caribbean.  Not only that, but if you are attached to a purse, you will want to keep it attached to you and show it off as it was meant to be seen.  So, consider these ten tips for extending the lifespan of your favorite bags:


1 - Never keep your shoulder bag hanging on a hook, or oversized doorknob for more than a day or two as this     will put tension on the strap, or misshape the strap.


2 - Be versatile. You don’t wear the same shoes every day, so don’t overuse the same handbag. Alternate your favorite purses weekly.


3 - Don’t pack your bag with four shades of lipstick, five pens, a water bottle and a partridge in a pear tree. Overweighing and overstuffing a bag can stretch out its shape, wear on fabric, strain its strap, and pressure on closures and clasps.


4 -  An ounce of prevention… Keep the contents of your bag contained. Use a waterproof cosmetic bag to store your cosmetics and ensure that your pens are securely capped.


5 - Keep it clean and conditioned according to its material, or have it professionally maintained.


6 - Don’t use it as a lunch box or a garbage bin. Chocolate bar wrappers, chewed up gum and sticky candy can quickly devaluate your purse.


7 - Store properly in in a dust bag cover or pillowcase (never plastic or vinyl which doesn’t breathe) while maintaining its shape with a purse insert or tissue paper.


8 - Never put it on the floor or wet counter. If there is no secure place available, keep it on your lap.

9 - Use the appropriate bag for the appropriate event. Don’t pull out your ostrich feather clutch for a trip to a greasy spoon, your suede tote in the pouring rain, or your delicate animal print drawstring for trek. When travelling carry a secure cross-body bag that is rugged enough to carry extra items, and fashioned to protect against the weather and potential theft.


10 - Keep your handbag nearby and keep an eye on it. It only takes a second to lose a valuable or treasured handbag.



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