Right Purse = Right Man

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How the Right Handbag Can Attract Mr. Right



I’m no psychologist, but I am a lover of handbags.  The right one can make an outfit go from blah to va-va-va-voom.  You know it. You’ve seen it. You know that feeling when you’ve got on just the right outfit, just the right shoes, and if only you had just the right purse to take your outfit from fashionable to fashion maker.


And then, you open your closet door, and there it is, sitting on your shelf (hopefully well stored) and calling out to you like a fashion beacon.  Yes! That is THE bag.  What a great feeling… (Which is the polar opposite of the feeling you get when you have to carry around the second best choice of handbag in your closet.)


So, you’ve got the great feeling going because you’ve got on your smashing outfit and it’s  perfected down to the tee with that chic purse.  You feel confident.  You look confident.  You exude confidence.  Men love confident women. I mean it.  The secret to finding your  soulmate is in your handbag, right along with your  three shades of lipstick, four pens,  pain reliever, tampons, currency and all your other essentials, (What You Should Keep in  Your Handbag).  Not convinced?  Think color.  Studies show that men are attracted to  women donning peachy-pink colors.  Well, if looking like a bridesmaid isn’t your thing,  try donning the color as an accessory.


Ostrich Feather Clutch $146 @PrimaBambolina.com where bags are never boring.


This pink ostrich feather clutch is sure to attract attention.  Now, if you want to attract only men who can handle your strength of character and independence, turn up the color notch a bit and try a red or plum bag.


Red Leather Hobo from PrimaBambolina.com

Red or Purple Leather Hobo Bag $129.99 @PrimaBambolina.com where bags are never boring.


These hobo-style leather handbags will let potential romantic partners  know that you  are a woman who can open her own door, and pay for  her own coffee. (Author’s note:  If  he doesn’t offer to do these things  anyway, do not pass Go, move on before you find  yourself without a Get  Out of Jail Free card.)



Considering a tummy tuck to attract a man?  Don’t waste your money.  Studies also show that those little things we hate about ourselves, men don’t even notice.  But if that belly is zapping your confidence, do what the celebrities do.


Color Block Tote from PrimaBambolina.com

Color Block Tote Bag $72 @ PrimaBambolina.com where bags are never boring.


That’s right.  Walk softly and carry a big tote!  (Like our Color Block Tote Bag.) How many TV characters have we seen hide entire pregnancies behind furniture and tote bags?    Surely the right tote can cover up a pair of love handles?


Now finding a man, isn’t as difficult as finding the right man for  you.  And one of the top priorities for women when selecting a   man is a good sense of humor. A bag like this colorful tote lets people know you are fun and good-natured and looking for same.


So the next time you are considering your love options, think no further than the handbag you carry.  After all, “the clothes might make the person, but it’s the accessories that make the clothes.” – Prima Bambolina


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