10 Tote Bag Must-Haves

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What Every Woman Should Carry in Her Tote Bag


OK, so I have to admit that this started out as Prima Bambolina's list of  “What Every Woman Should Carry in Her Purse” but as usual, my purse wasn’t big enough for all the things I had to stuff into it so I upgraded to a tote bag. Which is just fine, because tote bags are THE thing right now.


1- If you leave everything else at home, don’t forget your phone.  You can always call for whatever’s missing.


2- WAM money (walking around money) as in $ Cash.  Too often we rely on credit cards and bank cards, but if a machine is down or you just want a coffee, or if you forgot one of the crucial 10 items every woman should carry in her tote bag,  it helps to have a twenty dollar bill tucked away.


3- Not necessarily by order of importance, but tissue paper.  Maybe not for you, maybe for your friend, your boyfriend, your husband, your child, someone’s going to need it when you don’t have it.


4- First Aid.  Aspirin, Tylenol, Advil, whatever your pain reliever of choice is.  I don’t even need to explain this, if you’ve ever had a bad headache or PMS – you get this and Band-Aids for traitor shoes.


5- Of course, along the same line of unexplained items, sanitary products.


6- Spare stockings.  If you are a stocking girl, you know that a run in your hose can destroy an outfit.


7- Safety pins for any emergency wardrobe malfunction.


8 and 9 – Toothpicks and a compact.  It’s a catch-22, without the mirror you can’t see the spinach between your teeth and without the toothpick, you can’t remove it.


10- Nail file, not just because you don’t want a chipped nail to destroy your manicure, but it conveniently doubles as a screw driver.

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