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This Generation of Handbags Tells Thieves: Hands Off!


While planning a recent trip to Barcelona, I can’t even count the number of people that warned me about pickpockets and thieves.  The number of horror stories from people (or their sister’s-friend’s-cousin) who were the victims of theft that ruined an otherwise dream vacation.


Throughout my trip, I wore a cross-body handbag and clutched it for dear life, while my husband covertly sneaked local money from the travel wallet tucked under his shirt.  Luckily, our trip was incident-free.  But according to  21% of Americans know someone who has been the victim of identity theft or fraud while on holiday and another 9% have been victims themselves.


Of course, your credit card company may offer some protection after the fact, but as we’ve all had soaked into our subconscious since our mothers laid eyes on us: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”


Luckily, thieves are being given a run for their money with the lineup of gorgeous, sleek, travel handbag designs that are now on the market.  Not only are these handbags Chic (with a capital C), they solve all your travel organizational problems and have been so well thought out they make great everyday purses, cross-bodies and messenger bags.  Your best defense while travelling or running local errands, these anti-theft handbags are your ticket to worry-free travel.

React Tote Bag comes in bold colors with great practical storage features for travel.


Check out some of these anti-theft features:




To see our selection of anti-theft handbags, check out travel handbags.


To see the full safety features check out this video.


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