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  • PrimaBambolina.com is proud to offer many products that help protect the environment.  By using tote bags and reuseable produce bags, we can help cut back on plastic bag use.  In addiiton, many of our products such as some of our messenger bags, backpacks, and totes are made from recycled items, such as upcycled bike tubes and recycled banners.  For more information on protecting the environment and your role in protecting the environment, please visit the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) website.
  • PrimaBambolina.com has a nice selection of the best luggage that is not only practical, but our designs are fun with bold designs that are hard to miss when you are picking up your luggage.  Note that airlines may differ in baggage restrictions.  Contact your airline before traveling to ensure that your baggage size and weight meets the requirements of your airline.  For an example of baggage restrictions, visit American Airlines website or your preferred airline.